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Heart’s Voice 心靈報報-與心對話


意識上解決不了的事情,就交給強大的潛意識吧 ~Emily S.



Leave it to the powerful Subconscious when you can't solve it Consciously. ~Emily S.

Interpret the problems in life through the subconscious, projected by the picture card. **The answer you need may already be within you.**To acknowledge the inertia pattern of each event, we try to find out the original thoughts, understand the reason why and aim to be awakened. So we can make better choices consciously next time.

Subconscious Message 潛意識投射

$\\hearts \\ OH \\ Card$

OH Card 一系列的牌卡被譽為潛意識投射卡,不僅能激發想像力和創造力,更能用於探索自我並療癒潛意識中的限制性信念。除了是激發個人潛能的工具外,也是團體培訓及促進人際關係的好幫手。

OH Card, a series of metaphoric cards, is known as subconscious projection cards, which can not only stimulate imagination and creativity, but can also be used to explore the self and heal the restrictive beliefs in the subconscious. In addition to being a tool to stimulate individual potential, it is also good for group training and promoting interpersonal relationships.

Picture Cards

Spiritual Guidance 靈性指引

$\\hearts \\ Message \\ Card$


Usually a short sentence can be enough to affect the whole state of mind. No matter what the situation is, these cards can quickly make people return to self-centeredness and restore the integrity of the soul.